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I can supply AND fit a MagicMover® to your caravan

MagicMover® Motor Mover,
the perfect accessory for moving your caravan with ease. 

  • The MagicMover® is the most economical and effective motor mover solution for manoeuvering your single axle caravan
  • The MagicMover® comes as standard with a comprehensive 2 year warranty but can be extended to 5 years. 
  • The MagicMover® has powerful motors which will move 1500kg load up a 1-in-6 gradient 
  • Robust, tyre friendly aluminium roller
  • Excellent ground clearance 
  • The MagicMover® is completely protected against the elements 
  • Cross actuation bar is standard on the MagicMover® enabling you to engage both the rollers from either side at the same time 
  • Soft start and soft stop is a key benefit of the MagicMover® 

I can also fit customer-supplied Motor Movers

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