Habitation Service

    Bodywork Exterior

    • Condition and security of body panels

    • Operation of door locks, catches and hinges

    • Condition and security of all trims, inserts and sealants

    • Windows and seals for damage

    • Condition and security of grab handles

    • Security of body attachments - ladders, aerials, cycle racks etc

    • Legibility and security of Number Plate

    Bodywork Interior

    • Damp meter test - Separate Report

    • Floor for delamination

    • Operation of cupboard hinges, catches, locks and stays

    • Operation and condition of all window catches, stays and seals

    • Operation and security of all skylights/sunroofs

    • Operation of blinds and fly screens

    • Fixed ventilation openings for free flow of air/guarded against vermin

    Water System and Appliances

    • Operation and condition of water pump

    • Operation of pressure switch

    • Condition of water filter* and housing

    • Operation of taps and shower fittings - external taps, microswitches etc

    • Overall condition of fresh and waste water pipes and fittings for leaks

    • Toilet for operation and condition of seal, blade and flush

    • Drain plugs for seal and operation

    • Security of water tanks including onboard and underslung

    Gas Supply and Appliances

    • Regulator performance and carry out leak test

    • Condition and date of flexible hose*

    • Condition and security of all pipe work

    • Condition of LPG sticker* on locker and security of gas bottles

    • Gas dispersal holes for obstructions

    • Fidge ignition, FFD and cooling - full fridge service extra*

    • Operation of cooker, hob and oven. Ignition, flame and FFD

    • Operation of space heater. ignition, flame, FFD and CO room test

    • Operation of water heater. Ignition, flame, FFD and heating

    • Operation and condition of external gas point

    Electrical Systems 230v

    • Condition of inlet plug and hook up cable

    • Operation of RCD, MCB’s and earth bonding

    • Condition of wiring, sockets and fixed connections

    • Operation of battery charger

    • Mains operation of fridge

    • Mains operation of cooker and hob

    • Mains operation of water heater

    • Mains operation of space heater

    Electrical Systems 12v

    • Condition of wiring, sockets, fuses and fuse rating

    • Operation of battery charger

    • Condition of leisure battery 

    • Operation of all 12v lights including awning light

    • Blown air system

    Fire and safety

    • Condition of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

    • Condition, type and expiry date of fire extinguisher

    • Condition and location of fire blanket

    • Operation, function and safety of DIY additions


    * These parts are charged in ADDITION to basic Service Charge

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