A.M.C.S. Terms and Conditions

    To enable the servicing on your vehicle to be carried out safely, I require the following conditions at the servicing location.

    1. Payment will be required on completion of the work carried out, unless prior arrangement is agreed. Payment to be made by Cash or Cheque (with cheque guarantee card). Cheque to be made payable to A.Russell (a charge of £10 will be made in the event of me having to re-present the cheque).

    2. Prior to the commencement of any work, a full visual inspection will be carried out, internally and externally with notes of any damage, stains etc being recorded and photographed as necessary to ensure the protection of both Owner and Engineer. Servicing will be carried out to the highest standard to ensure the safety of the Owner.

    3. Where, during a service, a fault is found which is beyond the normal service schedule, i.e. beyond recommended serviceable life, we would inform you, the Owner, and offer to replace the affected item(s). The Owners permission to repair or replace will be obtained prior to such work being carried out. An
    additional charge for time and parts will be made.

    4. In the event of adverse weather conditions it may be necessary to reschedule your service. I shall endeavor to give as much notice as possible and re-book quickly.

    5. In case of me being unable to gain access to the caravan and security devices due to unavailability of the correct keys, or if I am unable to gain access to the vehicle for any reason. The Booked Service Charge PLUS Call out fee will be billed for and invoiced to the Owner.

    6. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that:
    a) Hitch-locks, wheel clamps, etc have been removed on my arrival in order that I can carry out the booked service.
    b) Access is available at the time and date which servicing has been booked.
    c) That there is sufficient exterior clearance to gain access the external equipment and wheels. A clear area of about 3 feet / 1 metre all around the unit.
    d) The interior of the van is free from obstructions to the internal equipment and appliances which need to be serviced i.e. lockers are empty and floor is free from obstructions (see 1. below). The toilet cassette MUST be empty and clean or the toilet will NOT be serviced.
    e) Surface(s) required to carry out service - level ground (a slope up to 1 in 15 is acceptable) or solid ground. Grass and gravel are fine as long as it is not soft underfoot. 

    7. The results of any works carried out are an indication of their condition only at the time the job is completed.

    8. Pre-owned parts are supplied in good faith and only carry a warranty as supplied to me.

    (1.) If not cleared, an additional fee of £20 will be incurred.

    ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS (High Winds, Snow, Or Heavy Rain).